Autogrill launches the first motorway Bistrot Innovation and Italian tradition come together

Autogrill opens for the first time in the motorway channel its Bistrot concept, which was developed in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Science (UNISG) in Pollenzo and reflects the evolution of food culture by privileging local Italian products and the recovery of craft techniques.

A place that will become an exponent of a new food culture – travelling but not only – and of Autogrill’s sharpening focus on its consumers’ changing needs and eating styles to offer travellers a quality break.

The new Bistrot is in the Arda service area in Fiorenzuola d’Arda (Piacenza) on the A1 Turin-Piacenza-Brescia motorway, where two major flows of travellers and two important culinary traditions, those of Piacenza and Parma, meet.

Characterized by an interior layout evoking the typical atmosphere of covered markets in cities, the Bistrot Fiorenzuola d’Arda is an eclectic place in which high quality goes hand in hand with the concepts of naturalness, in-season and local supply and respect for the life cycle of the products. The point of sale promotes a vision that emphasizes continuity between production and consumption, therefore it widely displays customers with the faces, backgrounds and characteristics of the main suppliers.

The inauguration was honoured by the presence of Senator Andrea Olivero, Vice-minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry, who stated: “I’m very happy to take part in this event in which Autogrill and the University of Gastronomic Science in Pollenzo join forces to pay tribute to our country’s food culture. For tourists and daily travellers, this location is a showcase for culinary specialities scrupulously preserved all over Italy and an excellent visiting card for our inestimable heritage of food production and cooking.

The new service area employs 100 people on a stable basis and may reach 150 during seasonal peaks.

To support the project Autogrill launched a major personnel training programme (with over 3,000 hours of training) making it possible to give the point of sale new professional figures and trades, such as bakers, in line with Bistrot’s offering and philosophy.

The offering is rounded out by a number of market points featuring select high quality products from local producers, such as vinegar from Acetaia Bellei, which has a history of over 600 years.